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Welcome to Argentina where you will take part of the greatest hunting in the world in the last frontier of wing shooting and waterfowl.

The Argentinean eared dove (Zainaida auriculada) is very similar to the northern mourning dove in size and flight but the quantities and action shooting make the truly world class experience.

We offer some of the finest duck hunting to be found anywhere. Generous limits and unique waterfowl species make Argentina one of the best destinations for waterfowlers.

Dove hunting

The Province of La Pampa has become in the last 10 years one of the most popular destination in the world for dove hunting.

Over 30 millions is the estimated population of these specimens. The hunting season is open all year round, as these species are considered a plague and produce a significant decrease on the cereal fields.

The hunting area is located northeast of the Province of La Pampa and is characterized by being a plain zone, where there are a lot of cereal fields and dairy farms.

During harvest season (from April to July), the early hunting takes place in the fields, where the doves eat, generally, in sorghum, corn, and sunflower fields. In the afternoon, the hunting takes place in fields that are located on the way to the roosts.

The rest of the year (from August until March), the hunting takes place in the fields, close to the roost, all day long. As there is no abundant food, the doves, which have eggs or nestlings, come and go from and to the roost. As there are a lot of birds, hunters can make all kinds of shootings. They can even shoot more than a thousand rounds per day.

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7 Days Hunting in S. Humberto
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Duck Hunting

This kind of hunting takes place in Buenos Aires Province, the lagoons make this place an authentic paradise, coveted by waterfowl lovers all around the world.

It is extremely important to get into the hunting spots at night, because any strange movement makes the ducks fly away.

A typical day starts at 4.00 a.m., when the hunters have a quick breakfast and then, they get their camouflage gear and their waders (a must). Once they are ready, they head to the selected spot for the first day of hunting, sailing almost in darkness, lit only by the moon and the stars.

The hunting posts are built by the guides with natural elements, like bushes of the area. Every post is located strategically, taking into account that the ducks always land against the wind and that that is the best time to shoot. Usually, the hunting goes from sunrise till 11.00 a.m., or until the hunter has reached his limit.

In the area, there are high volumes of different species of ducks, being the Picasso, the Crestón, the Common Sirirí, Silver Tail and the Pampa Sirirí the most desirable ones. It is usual to hunt between 5 and 8 species during the hunting.

The hunting season goes from May to July.

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7 days hunting in Guamini
Birds Include: Ducks, Doves, Pigeons and Partridges.
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