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Argentina is one of best big game trophy hunting secret in the entire world. The country, almost 3,000 miles in length, offers 16 different species of big game trophies, total fair chase hunts! Argentina, a leading destinations for its small and big game hunting because of its large, wild, desolate plains, which make possible a practically unlimited amount of shooting.

Argentina is the ultimate wingshooting destination in the entire world. The country offers the world's best combined dove, duck, goose, partridge (perdiz) and pigeon hunting. T&S invites bird shooters to discover the richness offered by Argentina with liberal bag limits and abundant waterfowl, including ducks and geese, and upland game. On a typical day, extreme dove shooters can see thousands of doves crossing their shooting line. The best duck hunting in the world is in Guamini and Monez Cazon areas of Argentina and the incredible goose shooting of Pigue is only a one-hour flight from Buenos Aires.

For big game, hunters worldwide have begun to appreciate Argentinaís magnificent five main target species including Red deer (Red stag), Puma, Buffalo, Brocket deer and Wild lipped peccary. Other available species include Fallow deer, Axis deer, Four horned sheep, Black buck, Capybara, Wild boar and Wild goat.

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