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Argentina is one of the ultimate fishing destinations of the world. The country offers the worlds best class trout and dorado fisheries.

T&S invites anglers to try the experience of a lifetime by fishing in the paraná river for Dorado or trout fishing in patagonia.

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Dorado Fishing

Located on the southwest corner of the Corrientes province, 650 kms
north of Buenos Aires, Esquina is a unknown destination for most anglers. Right where the Corrientes and the Paraná rivers meet creating a delta where you have lots of different options where you can fish for the Golden Dorado´s.
Climate its quite warm, with an anual average temperature of 26.6 C, raising in the summertime to an average of 33 C. During the winter time temperatures rangre from 8.4 C to 22 C.
THE DORADO (Salmonius Maxilosus) its a salmon specie that finds its habitat in the Paraná system. Known as the Tiger of the Rivers this extremely voracious fish prefers to wonder close to confluences, near the shores and in spots with current where he can find more oxigen and its prey, although he has a good capacity to addapt to spots of with no current.
This golden salmon is strong and it can get up to more than 30 pounds, being the usual capure between 4 to 18 pounds, and once hooked this fish gets very acrobatic giving a superb fight.
The season is almost all year round, from January to November.
As these fish are STRONG FIGHTERS a No. 7 to 9 weight rod is required. Saltwater Reels are recomended, but if not any reel with a good drag system.
Due to the sharp teeth and the way these Dorados attack the flies, its a must to add a section of 20 lb steel Leader to the end of your line. Our experience has told us that the best lines are WF floating lines for tropical weather, intermediate, and fast sinking lines like the Teeny´s 200 and 300 grains.
Flies that get most of their attention are decievers in dark colours combined with chartreusse, red, orange and yellow.
The lodge is perfectly located on the edge of the rio corriente close to were he mets with the Paraná river. The pure scenery and vegetation of this area its a reason enough to visit this place, but the lodge itself makes the perfect contrast with the surrounding enviorment.

Sea Trout

Located at the southern tip of Argentina, the island of Tierra del Fuego hosts the biggest´s sea trout of the world. The Rio Grande its located on the North area of the island, and his meandrous course holds the prime trout of the world. This sea trout average 11 pounds and they can get up to more than 30 pounds.
Fishing for this sea run brown trout is very interesting, the fishing techniques are quite easy, just cast, mend, let your line drift and wait for a hookup. Nothing happened!! then move downstream a couple of steps. The techniques may vary depending on the conditions and the guides.
To cover the water No. 8 rods are the best. For the changeable conditions of the rio grande its best to have a set of lines that covers from floating to 400 gr sinking lines. At the end of the line is recomended to use a 7 ´to 10´16 lb test leader. Sometimes to reach the further bank it will imply a long cast, for this we recomend to use spey rods (double hander rods) with either a spey line or a regular teeny.
Flies that normally attract their attention are, Leeches (black, purple, chartreusse), wooliebuggers in black, brown and olive, bitch creeks, ninphs like prince ninphs, zonkers and green machines.
The Weather troughout most of the year weather is very unstable, in a day you can have every kind of conditions. In november & december, Temperatures will range from 7 C in the mornings to 18 C in the afternoon. Wind blows most of the time, but no worries with the equipment you need its easy to addapt.

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