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Argentina is one of the ultimate Hunting destinations of the world. The country offers the worlds best class Big and Small Game. T&S invites hunter to try the experience of a lifetime by hunting in La Pampa.

The big game trophies are hunted in free range and game reserves. We have both options to can guaranty your hunt.

During the roar stags are hunted using spot and stalk techniques. Once the roar has ended both spot and stalk and tree stand are used. Shoot a stag during the rut is one of the most beautiful experiences in a hunter's life.

The wild boar is common everywhere in our country. You can find its populations on the Pampas Great Plain as well as in the mountains.

Black Buck

Season: From: January Though December
Origin: Indi

They have long and spiraled horns with sharp tips that can reach 70 cm (27 inches). Female and male are born brown and white in color. Only the male grows horns, and at the age of three he becomes a dominant male, and the brown turns to a dark black.
This hunting is by spot and stalk the game on foot. Using binoculars and then stalking them works well since you can spot them before they spot you
Shots range from 150 meters to much farther. The hunter may also choose to hunt from a stand where the shots are much closer

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Axis Deer

Season: From: January Though December
Origin: India and Nepal

They have three tines on each antler. The brow tine forms nearly a right angle with the beam, and the front (or outer) tine of the terminal fork is much longer than the inner tine.
Axis deer are well hunted with spot and stalk method. Searching carefully through the wilderness, when a good buck is spotted, it is then stalked over many miles of challenging ground until a good shooting spot is found.

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Fallow Deer

Season: From: January Though December
Origin: Europe.

An adult buck measures 90 cm (35 inches) at the shoulder, and may weigh between 64 and 91 kg (140 - 200 pounds).
The stalking of a thophy has proved to be a challenge and requires hunter's best ability for a successful hunt.
These animals are mainly diurnal and generally prefer open country, often fleeing into open fields even when hunted, waiting there for the "all clear" signal.

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Red Deer

Season: From:May Though June
Origin: Europe

We are located in one of the best red deer hunting areas.
Deers need great spaces for normal activity and growing Deer are smart, wild, elusive and sensitive, with sight, smell and hearing senses highly developed, that let them be cautious.
Adults can reach a height of 130 cm., a length of 220 cm. and a weight range of 150 to 250 kgs.
They are more active by night and very early in the morning. During all day, they keep sheltered in the forest.
This hunting is dynamic and requires the use of the five senses, specially the sight.
We walk through the fields where the animals can be spotted. The track is found by recognizing its trails and bellows.
Deers can be hunted throughout the season with very good success.
During the rutting season -from March 15th. to April 15th.- there are more chances to get high pointed trophies in a short time of activity. The prey is easily located by the sound of its roar.
Shots range from 60 to 300 mts.

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Water Buffalo

Season: From: January Though December
Origin: Asia

Water Buffalo is considered one the most dangerous specie in this area and hunting buffalo requires sharp shots. The spread width of the horns, can measure up to 1.2 meters along the outer edges.
Buffaloes are diurnal in areas where they are well protected; where there is disturbance, they are mainly nocturnal.

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Wild Boar

Season: Males From: January Though December
Female From: May Though July
Origin: Europa

They are cunning and offer a challenge to hunters. They possess keen senses of smelling and hearing. They rely on their speed as well as their wits to evade hunters.
We hunt by stalking with firearms. Our boar hunting comprises of waiting at carefully selected areas, specially near watering places -by day or by night- The chance of taking a very good-sized trophy in few waits is high.
Boar hunting involves high requirements: long walking through watering and forest areas

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Season From: January Though: July
Origen: América

The puma exhibits intelligence, stealth, and eagle vision. Hunting them can be a frustrating but exhilarating experience. Our goal is to make this one of your most memorable adventures.

La Pampa holds abundant and healthy puma populations. They inhabit our forests and as they are great predators, hunting is permitted during the most part of the year. Full grown ones frequently reach 90 kgs. and can reach more than 110 kgs.

Our hunts take place in the forest. We search accessible areas on foot and once the track is found, the magic of the hunt starts. Once you turn out on the track it is unpredictable on what you will end up with at the end of the chase. It is one of the most adrenalin heart pumping hunts of a lifetime.

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7 Days Hunting in Unanue
Trophy Include: Red Stag (SCI 210)
Price per Hunter: Click Here
7 Days hunting in Unanue
Trophies Include: 1 Buffalo, 1 Red Stag (SCI 210), Black Buck and 1 Wild Boar
Price per Hunter: Click Here
5 Days hunting in Unanue
Trophies Include: 1 Buffalo, 1 Red Stag (SCI 210) and 1 Wild Boar
Price per Hunter: Click Here
5 Days hunting in Unanue
Trophies Include: 1 Buffalo, 1 Red Stag (SCI 210) and 1 Wild Boar
Price per Hunter: Click Here
5 days hunting in S. Humberto
Trophies Include: 1 Brocket Deer, 1 Wild Goat, 1 Multihorn and 1
Collard Peccary.
Price per Hunter: Click Here
4 Days Hunting in Unanue
Trophies Include: 1 Buffalo, 1 Black Buck and 1 Wild Boar
Price per Hunter: Click Here
7 days hunting in Guamini
Birds Include: Ducks, Doves, Pigeons and Partridges.
Price per Hunter: Click Here
Minimum 4 Hunters
5 Days Hunting in S. Humberto
Trophy Include: 1 Cougar
Price per Hunter: Click Here
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